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Lee-el Selena: 85cm of awesomeness!

Lee-el Selena: 85cm of awesomeness! published on No Comments on Lee-el Selena: 85cm of awesomeness!

Lee-el started off by releasing some super-jacked 90cm dudes with oddly sculpted breast areas, but I did not find them interesting. Now they’ve finally released a female doll in the same scale, Selena. For some reason, she’s only 85cm, but, despite that, she’s super cool looking! Lee-el decided not to overexaggerate the muscular bulk, so she just looks really solid. The breast area shows an improvement over whatever the heck was going on with the dudes, although the antigrav effect only works with certain tops. She has a lovely, strongly marked face with harmonious cheekbones and jawline, a nifty skijump nose and a slightly open mouth with teefs!!!

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