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Pushy satyrs start differentiating themselves.

Pushy satyrs start differentiating themselves. published on No Comments on Pushy satyrs start differentiating themselves.

There are five satyrs planned in my Monster Mash picture: the dancer, audience 1, audience 2, drummer and piper. They are all women.

Dancer: dramatic and ebullient. Tall, fat, white, spiky blond hair [Aliza!]. Flowing outfit shows movement.

Audience 1: short and wiry [more default shape, but with longer arms], dark brown WOC, dreadlock mohawk. Pastels, floral dress, flowers in hair.

Audience 2: neat and formal. Narrow, flat, slim build, Japanese, square glasses, Most tailored outfit of the five.

Drummer: sharp and intense. Small build, muscular upper body, uses manual wheelchair. Athletic wear.

Piper: carried away by the music. Plump but not as fat as dancer, messy ponytail [Wild Tail2]. Slouchy clothes, messy hair.

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