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Beth’s bilateral foot transplant

Beth’s bilateral foot transplant published on No Comments on Beth’s bilateral foot transplant

In an attempt to make Beth even shorter, I took some feet from a [really cheap] 1:24 scale model railroad figure that I had lying around.

Smug bastard. Little does he know that Beth is covetously eyeing his feet.

I chopped off the feet slightly above the ankle, as I plan to paint these and make bootfeet. Then I drilled through them and sank pins into them to make ankle posts, which I hot glued in place. Then I jammed the tops of the pins up into her calf holes. I tightened the fits by adding some hot glue to the insides of her calves and spinning the ankle posts as the glue coagulated.

As a result, Beth is just about Death’s height, which means that she can now use Rement Pose Skeleton accessories much more easily! She also has footwear, which still needs repainting and detailing. I’ve kept her bare feet too in case she needs those.

Overall I feel that I succeeded at this modification. If anything, Beth’s legs are probably a bit too short, but that’s more realistic to me than her original legs’ length.

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