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Frankly, Jun is unimpressed with your bullshit.

Frankly, Jun is unimpressed with your bullshit. published on 1 Comment on Frankly, Jun is unimpressed with your bullshit.

I bought two 1:6ers from Andrea recently, one of which, Jun, appears below. She’s a Takara Cy Girl CG04 [Cutey Honey/Jun] headsculpt on a Takara CG 2.0 body, with a custom reroot by ???? and a custom faceup by Andrea. The dress and bloomers come from Lyrajean, who brought to VTDL a few months ago some miscellaneous doll clothes that she had unearthed somewhere. [They’re most likely for 8″ child dolls, from some time in the latter half of the 20th century. I picked them up because I thought that some of my fat 1:6ers might be able to fit them. Most of the dirt washed out, leaving me with some sturdily made mystery garments.] The feet are Hasbro Shoezies with Takara CG ankle pegs sunk in. Black tac gloves not shown amidst flouncy skirts!

There is probably a Japanese technical term for this kind of style, but I do not know it.

I feel like she might need some headphones and a mike and some sort of wearable computer. Every time I see it, her silver facepaint screams “cyber.”

jun01 jun02

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