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Hair frustrations

Hair frustrations published on No Comments on Hair frustrations

Unfortunately, digital hair doesn’t really translate well into reality…which is a shame, as I’d like real-world versions of the following:

However…if I do want to make those hairstyles as wigs, I have some thoughts:

  • Xandy’s pompadour seems like a prime candidate not for a fur wig, but for a paper construction over a wooden frame. Not sure exactly what to use for materials, though.
  • Polly’s antigrav hair could probably be achieved with mohair supported with strategically placed wired ribbons emanating from the cap and twining around bunches of curls.
  • I think I can modify my standard fur wig pattern to make TGK hair for Timonium. Basically it involves the inclusion of some pieces of fur at the crown of the wig in which the grain is pointing up to make the sticky-uppy section.

In related news, Araminthe could really use some new hair. I tergiversate between trying to turn her current dusty rose mohair into an updo or getting her a new updo wig. I think an updo would help, as her face is rather compressed vertically. Also I can’t see her ears!

EDIT: Wonder what she’d look like with my blue/pink bob or my blue/pink mohawk…

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