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Recent projects #1: removing Sylvia’s bad fats

Recent projects #1: removing Sylvia’s bad fats published on No Comments on Recent projects #1: removing Sylvia’s bad fats

I post here much less frequently than I used to, so there are fewer in-progress pictures unless a project has stalled before completion. Such is the case with Sylvia. In my quest to refine the shapes of my various fat dolls, I decided to fix her up and increase her posability. I’m not finished yet, but she’s already improved.



Before I began my latest round of mods on Sylvia, this is what she looked like. Initially I sacrificed her double-jointed elbows and knees to the cause of greater fats, as well as a waist swivel, so I wasn’t seeking to restore those.
There were some problems with Sylvia’s fats, however. Because I had added epoxy too far up on her thighs and also because I had thickened her crotch, her legs could not come together in a realistic manner. She also couldn’t sit with her torso straight up, perpendicular to her thighs, but I didn’t photograph that.
I dealt with Sylvia’s perpendicularity problem by removing the epoxy that lined her crotch, as well as a good chunk of her lower butt.
I also had to remove some epoxy from the inner tops of her thighs. Ahhh, much better. I have learned from these corrective mods that fats should be added judiciously and posability tested throughout the fattening process. Fattening a doll balances realism with articulation, and I was so excited with the prospect of Sylvia having a super awesome fat ass that I erred on the side of realism. Unfortunately, Sylvia’s fats, being rigid and made of epoxy, inhibited her movement much more than actual squishy fats would. Someday I will finish this project and have yet another fat doll in my small populations, but Sylvia’s a tertiary character who’s not appealing for a while, so I’m in no rush.

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