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Recent projects #2: Thalia’s faceup

Recent projects #2: Thalia’s faceup published on No Comments on Recent projects #2: Thalia’s faceup

I’m working very slowly on Thalia. Very, very, very slowly. I sketched my faceup design on her a while back, and then she sat around like that until maybe two weeks ago, when I finally primed her and laid down the white base for her skullface makeup. This is what she looked like back in the mockup stages.

OH GAWD I SCRIBBLED ON A BJD!!! Anyway, here’s me experimenting with possible areas of light and shade. Areas with crosshatching are going to be either black or very dark grey. Areas that aren’t are going to be either white or very light grey.
Look…more scribbling. Notice how I can’t seem to stay away from the Jarethian eyebrows… I’m starting to think it might be a crime to obscure this amazing head with a wig. The lean and pointy angles are just too stupendous. Thalia might have a mohawk, but I think I may ditch the Medusa aspect. I suspect I was trying to pile too many disparate ideas into one doll anyway. I should just go with a kinky skullface vampire.


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