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Polly needs help.

Polly needs help. published on No Comments on Polly needs help.

I’ve decided that I did a rushed and messy job on Polly’s first iteration, so she needs improvements.


  • Cut off original ears. Replace with finny ears supplied with default Asleep Eidolon head.
  • Remove old faceup; clean head aggressively before resealing.
  • Redo faceup in same two colors [slate blue and cerulean], but incorporating bubbles somehow.
  • Make Andrea’s Angel Sleeve Trapeze Barbie Dress for her new outfit.


Just for future reference, here is the text of Andrea’s instructions for the dress pattern:



Cut out pieces following solid black lines, including the line between body and sleeves. Dotted lines indicate where stitching will be.


Sew shoulder seams back to front, right sides together.


Sew facing to neckline opening, right sides together, matching center fronts. [Back openings will NOT line up.] Clip seam allowances. Turn facing to inside; top stitch.


Hem sleeves. If attaching trim to sleeves, do so now.


Sew body side seam and sleeve side seam front to back, right sides together. Clip seam under arm where direction changes. Turn right side out and press seam open. Finger pressing should be fine. Repeat for other side.


Hem bottom of dress. Attach trim now if desired.


If dress will be closed with Velcro, attach it before sewing center back seam. If dress will be closed with snaps or hooks, sew center back seam to dot first. Then attach fasteners. Press center back seam to one side [to top side, folded over for fasteners].



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