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New hair makes Polly look better.

New hair makes Polly look better. published on No Comments on New hair makes Polly look better.

I found a size 4 Pinky wig [the same style as that which I originally intended for my Cutey Honey, but recently ruined] in light greenish blue in my doll supplies drawer. It looked like it might go well with Polly’s tail, so I tried it on her.

I see a significant improvement over her faux fur wig. Despite the uneven bangs, the comparative neat smoothness of the wig reduces her messy impression. The round shape of the cut seems to frame the long sides of her face better. Also the color works better with her palette than the fur wig.
I’m thinking that I’ll go with this wig, though I’d like to try to even out the bangs. If I do go with this wig, I won’t replace her ears, as they can’t be seen under the hair anyway. I will, however, work to blend the grey of the two-part epoxy headback more seamlessly with her faceplate. Thus the headback needs some resculpting, at least at the nape, as well as some painting. I still plan to make that Angel Wing Trapeze Dress of Andrea’s for her, though.

Never one to discard an acceptable fur wig, I moved it over to Isabel. Though she usually prefers warm colors over cool, she looks much better than Polly ever did in this wig…because she’s just that awesome!




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