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A frustrating evening with digital and 1:6 scale dolls

A frustrating evening with digital and 1:6 scale dolls published on 1 Comment on A frustrating evening with digital and 1:6 scale dolls

I had one of those evenings where I felt dissatisfied with all my accomplishments.


First I started off on a more realistic digital version of Jareth. I discovered that my custom character morph of David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust era, which I was using as a base for Jareth [among other morphs], messes up the tongue. It’s not supposed to do that, and I, with my limited skills, tools, and knowledge, cannot figure out how to keep the morph that I worked so hard to create, but revert the shape of the tongue to default. Argh!


I moved on to Carter’s faceup. While I’m making acceptable progress on it, I find it annoying because it seems to take forever. I am bored of painting minuscule sideburns, and I just want him to be complete already.


My Cutey Honey’s red bob wig arrived today. I wanted to make it lie closer to her head, so I dunked it swiftly in some boiling water, followed by cold to set it. Unfortunately, my tactic took all the spring out of the bob. I can’t figure out how to curl it back under [but with less volume that originally], so I just gave the wig to Isabel.




Cutey Honey doesn’t look bad in a faux fur wig. If I had been smart, I would have just made her a faux fur bob instead of buying the synthetic fiber wig that Isabel is wearing. I console myself marginally with the observation that Isabel is rockin’ the red hair. Then again, she rocks pretty much everything.

While plopping one of Isabel’s faux fur wigs on Cutey Honey in the interim, I realized that she is in poorer shape than I thought. I already knew that she suffered from brittle, shedding hair — that’s why I got her the wig. Furthermore, she has some odd glossy patch on her face that I can’t get rid of. Her weak ankles make her prone to shelf diving, and, to top it all off, her stretch vinyl outfit is cracking and degrading. [And her sword snapped the last time I brought her to VTDL.] In other words, she’s showing her age.


I hereby officially give up on having a stock Cutey Honey as a desk guardian. I’ll still use her, though, as her head and body remain perfectly functional [minus stock clothes and hair >:( ]. She needs some custom work, however, before appearing on the shelf again.


I also worked on Timonium’s legs. I started painting his fairy feet in a dried-blood red this weekend. Everything looked good initially until I tried blending the paint up his calves. My custom mixed color does not want to blend, leaving distinct rings and blotches. I’ve sealed what I have so far, but I really need to hunt up some paint retarder or diluter or whatever it’s called — something to make the pigment smoother, thinner, and more even.


On the plus side, the solid red on Timonium’s fairy feet looks great — I achieved a dark, bright, dense color of exactly the shade that I wanted. On the minus side, all the paint above his ankles needs help.



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