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Timonium’s improved feets and outfit

Timonium’s improved feets and outfit published on No Comments on Timonium’s improved feets and outfit

I finally got around to painting Timonium’s fairy feets in a dried blood color. I did solid color up past his ankles, then mixed the paint with some acrylic gel. I don’t know what the gel is intended for, but it diluted the paint so that I got a lighter, runnier application. I applied the diluted paint in a fade up over his calves. Then I used my Xacto knife to scrape the paint in the solid areas, texturing it and chipping off small bits, while also making the division between the solid color and the diluted color less regular. If there were any areas where I had scraped away paint completely, I filled them in with more diluted paint, as I wasn’t looking for the high contrast between plain resin and red paint, but a less obvious distinction between dark red and light red. Then I sealed the hell out of the paint.



I like the way that Timonium’s feets came out. I suppose that, in some ideal world, it would have been nice to have dried blood fading subtly up his legs, blending softly and meticulously into his unpainted resin. I kind of wanted to do that, but I have neither the patience, nor the skill, nor the proper tools, so I took this approach. As a result, I have mottled, slightly lumpy paint that recalls blood, scabs, rashes, maybe even flames. Because Timonium has a shredded, unhemmed costume and wild hair, the mess works well with his whole look.


The only neat, precise part of Timonium’s costume is a new addition — a pair of fishnet leggings with integrated underwear. They’re tailored for a 1:6 scale female action figure, and I dug them out of my clothing collection. Using them solves a few problems: 1) They tone down the blinding cream white of his legs. 2) They keep him from flashing everyone. 3) Because I stitched the waistband of his skirt to the waistband of the integrated underwear, his skirt doesn’t slide around his waist anymore. Huzzah!

Timonium leans casually against the porch pillar, looking like a little Jareth, showing off his new accent color on his fairy feets.


More lurking. I also restyled Timonium’s hair from an antigrav flame-like shape to more of a windblown mess. It looks better.
I find Timonium difficult to photograph. I feel like my photos overemphasize the messiness of his faceup and the youthfulness of his sculpt. In person, though, he gives off much more of an organic, chthonic impression. Like all of my dolls, he’s basically a decent person, though prone to great sarcasm, but he really embodies the general air of one of those capricious, semi-moral, unpredictable, casually cruel fairies who would lure a human into fairyland, beguile them for a while, then drop them back into the real world after a night’s revelry, just to watch them grieve that actually fifty years had passed, because that would be entertaining.


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