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1:12 scale stuff I already have

1:12 scale stuff I already have published on No Comments on 1:12 scale stuff I already have

As much as I like acquiring new miniature things, I just realized that I can use many of my 1:6 scale sets and accessories for 1:12 scale. Forthwith, a list of what I have in sets and medium-size things that can work in 1:12 scale:


  • everything in House Rainbow Barf
  • entire forest set, with the exception of the pine trees
  • Dellamorte tombstone magnets
  • Rement yellow dresser with lamp on top
  • Rement Beauty Counter
  • shojo screen
  • potted cacti and bonsai
  • some yellow and blue crockery
  • globe [pencil sharpener]
  • many of my Rements and smaller items in the lidded plastic trays, notably including jukebox, coffee maker, dish drainer, swing lid trash can, metal cash register, grey laptop, Rement toys, Rement office supplies, Rement food and kitchen utensils, most books, most decor


I see that I’m pretty well stocked with accessories, but I really need some basic furniture in 1:12 scale: a table, some chairs, a counter, a full bookshelf, an empty set of shelves for stuff, a bed…


Or I could eschew those pieces that I already have in 1:6 scale and go for a set I’ve always wanted: a diner! Sure, I have my Barbie Coke Soda Fountain in 1:6 scale, but I want booth seating and greasy food! What I really want is the AG Minis set Lil’s Diner by American Girl, makers of Groovy Room House Rainbow Barf. Of all AG Minis, though, Lil’s Diner proved the most popular, so it sells for disgusting amounts on Ebay, which means I’m not going to acquire it.


As I think about what I really want in a diner set, I come up with the following:

  • booth seating [vinyl benches with backs]
  • table with rounded corners and chrome accents
  • bright decor with chrome, checkerboard flooring, and neo-retro posters
  • jukebox
  • greasy food
  • condiments, napkin dispenser, menus, etc.
  • window with slatted blinds

I’ve got the jukebox, the greasy food, and the condiments etc. I can print out menus and neo-retro posters with no problem. I’m just missing the booth and the table. Hmmmm…

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