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Polly has been helped: new hair and dress

Polly has been helped: new hair and dress published on 1 Comment on Polly has been helped: new hair and dress

Recent creative efforts this weekend included a new wig for Polly and a new dress, made from Andrea’s Barbie Angel Wing Trapeze Dress pattern. In this case, it’s more properly called Angel OF DEATH Trapeze Dress, since there are skulls all over it. :p Apparently I have a rather morbid little mermaid… ^_^

Wig is made of faux fur as usual, styled meticulously [?!] with small sewing scissors and Mod Podge. When I was initially deciding the color for Polly’s wig, I ordered many 3×5″ swatches of various blues in different lengths and shades. This is obviously one of the blues that didn’t make the first cut. However, I decided to go with it because it complements the slate blue in her faceup.
Polly shows off her Angel OF DEATH trapeze dress, with skull and crossbones pendant [probably suitable for 1:4 scale dolls] as belt. This is my first attempt at this pattern, as may be obvious from the ripply, uneven hems. I also did it, as I have with all my handmade clothes so far, without a sewing machine. I have, however, cleverly disguised my uneven stitching by using black thread on a black field.
Rear view of the Angel OF DEATH trapeze dress. Made of three main pieces [front, left back, and right back], plus a small bit of facing for the neck hole, this dress proves much easier, simpler, and quicker to make than Isabel’s perennially frustrating shirts. Because the pattern calls for loose skirt and sleeves, the fit is also much more forgiving than the aforesaid shirt pattern as well.

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