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Monster High Megabloks as dolls for dolls

Monster High Megabloks as dolls for dolls published on 2 Comments on Monster High Megabloks as dolls for dolls

Mattel gave the Monster High license to Megabloks, the building brick company that is not Lego, and the Megablok playsets have recently made it up to the northern reaches of the US. At Toys R Us yesterday I picked up Ghoulia Yelps and her Creepariffic Lab, as well as Ghoulia and Clawdeen figures sold separately. Here’s my sold-separately Ghoulia hanging out in her little lab.

The charming details really make this lab set. I particularly like the candelabrum, the laptop with working hinged screen, and the brainstorming board that details reanimation by lightning. Playset is about 4″ high at maximum, while Ghoulia is just under 3″.
The Monster High Megabloks figures make fantastic articulated dolls for dolls. First of all, they have a high level of detail — yes, Ghoulia even has her signature glasses! — and they’re incredibly cute. Furthermore, each figure has ball-jointed neck, swivel shoulders, swivel waist, and swivel/ball knees. The ball-jointed neck allows for expressive posing, even if the unjointed arms really piss me off. I’m not a fan of the Monster High dolls’ bobble-headed proportions in 1:6 scale, but I think it really works in whatever scale this is.
As a bonus, Monster High Megabloks fit right in with some super cheap [and super sloppy] Halloween figurines that I picked up at the dollar store. Tombstone, gate, fence, and leafless tree all found at the Dollar Tree.
Isabel poses with her latest doll acquisition. I should also note that she’s wearing shitty shirt #3, another of my handmade endeavors, as well as a versicolor faux fur wig that I made near the end of last month, but did not photograph along with the others.
The camera focuses on Isabel’s doll.


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