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Props to acquire for VTDL meets

Props to acquire for VTDL meets published on 1 Comment on Props to acquire for VTDL meets

I developed a schedule of themed meetups for VTDL:

  • January: New Year’s/General Winter
  • February: Valentine’s Day
  • March: St. Patrick’s Day
  • April: Easter
  • July: Independence Day
  • September: Back to School
  • October: Halloween
  • December: Christmas

I have some appropriate doll-scale props, but would like to acquire more, either in 1:4 scale or 1:3 scale, for entertaining photo ops. Anything with ** by it indicates that I can make it.


  • New Year’s: champagne flutes, party hats**, party noisemakers**, Happy New Year goggles
  • Valentine’s Day: valentine cards**, stuffed heart, teddy bear
  • St. Patrick’s Day: four-leaf clovers**, pot of gold, green hats, green beer
  • Easter: basket with fake grass, plastic eggs, wearable bunny ears**
  • Fourth of July: American flag, hats with stars and stripes, ridiculously large firework**
  • Back to School: backpack, notebook, writing implements, blackboard and chalk, globe
  • October: domino mask**, broom, scythe, trick-or-treat containers**
  • Christmas: Santa hats that actually fit**, wrapped presents**, seasonal cards

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By “Happy New Year goggles,” do you mean, like, the sunglasses-y things with the year numbers for the frames? ‘cos the way I’m imagining those, you could maybe make them… Print the number graphic on card stock or heavy paper, cut them out, then make the earpieces from strips of more card stock, adhered to strategic spots on the backs of the numbers. Maybe?

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