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Desperately scrambling for relevance: Stephenie Meyer’s Life and Death

Desperately scrambling for relevance: Stephenie Meyer’s Life and Death published on No Comments on Desperately scrambling for relevance: Stephenie Meyer’s Life and Death

Apparently Stephenie Meyer decided to redo the plot of Twilight in her most recent work, Life and Death, which stars Beau as a human teenage dude and Edythe as a 100-year-old vampire woman. I don’t know why. Nobody wanted this; as far as I can tell, fans would have much rather had Midnight Sun, i.e., the whole thing from Edward’s point of view.

However, according the Entertainment Weekly article linked above, Meyer explains in the preface that she wrote the follow-up in part to challenge critics’ statements that Bella was a wet dishrag of a main character, a Mary Sue cipher, and a damsel in distress. In fact, Meyer tries to remove Bella’s femininity from the discussion, claiming that Bella and her reimagined counterpart Beau are “human[s] in distress,” out of their depth when surrounded by “superheroes and supervillains.”

In other words, Meyer takes all the criticism of Twilight and friends very personally. She could either use the opportunity to improve her work based on relevant criticism, or she could ignore the critics and continue writing new stuff. But Meyer chooses neither option. Instead, she digs in, doubles down, and publishes 400 rehashed pages that say, in essence, “I’m right, so there! Besides, I can’t hear you la la la la la…” This is not the behavior of someone interested in developing as an author. This is the behavior of someone who perceives dissection of Twilight as a violent attack on her personally.


Because I’m still in the midst of reading Grey, I feel like there’s so much self-reference going on with both E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer [not the least example of which is that James’ series started out as fan fiction for Meyer’s series] that the ouroboros isn’t just biting its own tail, but crawling up its ass and eating its own digestive system.

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