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“Doing a Devo,” or, What Goes On in My Imagination

“Doing a Devo,” or, What Goes On in My Imagination published on No Comments on “Doing a Devo,” or, What Goes On in My Imagination

I rarely share in public what goes on with the characters in my head, but this is one of the more innocuous events.

For context, I got Whip It by Devo stuck in my head, which is clearly a goofy set of puns, even if you haven’t seen the video. Then I started thinking about Jareth’s workplace, which is mostly your basic corporate office, except for the fact that the business, the Mortal Coil [yes, thank you very much — I like the name too] sells party space, scene space, kinky equipment, and bdsm services. [And that’s one of the ways you can tell it’s imaginary — because such a company would never exist anywhere in Vermont. :p ]

Sadine is the Coil’s rock star domme who brings in so much business that she gets her own assistant, which is Jareth. It’s mostly executive assistant work, with a ton of calendar management. Lately, though, she’s been getting a lot of really low-quality crap from the web content specialists who are ghosting her blog copy, and so we begin our vignette…


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Anyone want to see the followup about Jareth, Sadine, and the dulcet melodies of Rammstein? 😀



Sadine is a Genesis 3 Female base with some Daz Bethany dialed in, but mostly custom head morphs by me, wearing a texture from the character Amy by Silver and Raziel, but tinted brown and with light blue specularity, makeup from Neikdian’s G3F LIE Makeup Set, 3D-GH Design’s G2F Fara Hair, Slosh’s SPEX for Gen1 with MichaelHaze’s Metal Shaders, OziChick and RavenHair’s G3F Business Suit with shaders from Khory_D’s Verne Trading Co. set, and mytilus’ V4 Free Sole shoes.


In the imaginary aerobics scene, she wears Neftis’ V4 DigitalCurlz, MEC4D’s 80s Gym Set with vyktohria’s Simply Latex Shaders and Denki Gaka’s Nifty Knitting, lilflame’s V4 Buckle Corset, and Lyrra’s Gen1 Cheerpunk legwarmers.



Jareth is a Genesis 2 Female base with previously discussed morphs and textures, wearing G2F Beileag Hair by meeeeeeee, top from Nikisatez’ G2F Day at the Mall, skirt from Nikisatez’ G2F Workday with Fisty’s Tweed Shaders, stockings from Zev0’s Gen1 Shear Greatness, and boots from dx30’s G2F Shoe Pack, with parrotdolphin’s Soft Leather Shaders.


Sadine’s office comes from Jack Tomalin’s West Park, with marble shaders on the walls and floor by meeeeeee and my Bokehground Expansion 2 Shaders in the windows. Desk is ArtCollab’s Computer Desk, Pretty3D’s Office Chair Set. Bookcase and books from ironman13’s G2F Late Nights at the Library. Wooden planters from ArtCollab’s Garden Escape Planter. Most plants in windows from ArtCollab, but I forget which set. Pitcher and cactus in window from ironman13’s Real Bath. Flowers on Sadine’s desk from ArtCollab’s Enchanted Grove. Plants in rear corner mostly from petipet’s Alien Plants, except for plants on bookcase, which are from ArtCollab’s Enchanted Grove.

Poses are mostly from Sedor’s BWC V6 Runway Poses, G3M Urban Model, and tuketama’s V4 Aerobics. All of Sadine’s expressions are custom made by meeeeeeee.


Other utilities I should credit include Valzheimer’s Wear Them All clones to convert earlier clothing meshes to G3F, as well as Zev0 and DraagonStorm’s V4 to G2F Pose Converter and G2F to G3F Pose Converter.


I think that’s everything. If it’s not, it’s 99% of everything, and I’m not exhausted after a half an hour of cataloguing my sources, so I’m concluding this entry.


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