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To the Bat Fax! Haranguing public officials on…Net Neutrality

To the Bat Fax! Haranguing public officials on…Net Neutrality published on No Comments on To the Bat Fax! Haranguing public officials on…Net Neutrality

Support Net Neutrality by leaving public comment on the FCC’s 17-108 filing, Restoring Internet Freedom, which is a lying misnomer. If enacted, this piece of bullshit would take Title 2 oversight off Internet service providers, allowing them to discriminate in the way that they transmit information to customers. Instead of all information being treated equally and broadcast equally, it would be treated preferentially based on who was bankrolling it. In other words, the Internet would become more overtly controlled by the rich.

Log opposition here. Click the “+ Express” link to fill out contact information and add brief, personalized comments about why this is a shitty idea. Public comments close today, so do it before 5 PM EST! This is what I said:



I urge you not to repeal Net Neutrality regulations and to maintain Title 2 oversight on ISPs. With the Internet essentially a necessity these days, it is absolutely vital that all information online be treated equally and transmitted equally, without bias. The Internet has been my lifeline for information and community about being queer, being kinky, and being nonbinary. If Title 2 oversight on ISPs is lifted, unscrupulous businesses could suppress potentially controversial information such as that which I used, thus cutting off many people from much-needed information, community, and support. Net Neutrality is necessary to a functioning democracy, and it must be maintained.

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