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MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part I

MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part I published on No Comments on MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part I

I have too much doll stuff that I am not using, so I hope to trade it for some stuff that I can indeed use. 

From left to right, here’s some more info on the items, with links to better pictures if appropriate:

1. Asmus Toys Teenager body 2.0. Laura head not included.

2. Obitsu 27cm in the Marrone skintone.

3. Body, jeans, and weapons from OurWorld Phoebe Ruffian Agent.

4. Body from VTS Darkzone Tracy. I have her jeans somewhere too if you want them.

5. Playtoy body with impressive curves. O_O

6. Playtoy Emily Steam. Legs stained from original stockings.

7. Hot Toys knockoff body.

8. Original Effect early body.

Trade list continues.


From left to right, more info about the bodies:


Hujoo body #1 with tits, “chocolate tan.” Wired but otherwise unmodified.


Hujoo body #2 without tits, “chocolate tan.” Top of neck circumference reduced to fit head with smaller neck socket. Wired.




Jakks Pacific Josie and the Pussycats Valerie body, clothes, and guitar.


Mattel Fashionista Curvy body, tan.


Mattel Fashionista Curvy body, yellow pale.


Kenner Toys 12″ Princess Leia from 1981 or whatever with original socks.


Mattel Fashionista Tropicutie body.


Mattel Barbie body.


Asmus Toys [?] Mad Eye Moody body.

Mid to late 1980s Superstar Barbie and “potato face” Ken.


Back row, left to right: Takara Cy Girl Ice[?] repaint/reroot, Scarlett Johanssen knockoff, Medicom Asylum Misa, Mattel Elvis [?] body, Mattel Lea, Mattel LitD [?] Christie [?] [on top of Lea], Mattel Curvy Fashionista [blue hair], Obitsu W02 head, Integrity Janay with modded jaw. Front row, left to right: Kumik Carrie Ann Moss, Playtoy Chloe Grave Moretz/Hit Girl, Mattel MTM orange top Barbie, Pop Toys British Detective, ??? Harry Pooper, Parabox elf.

Furniture. Nothing noteworthy except for that pink thing, which is indeed the Mattel Jonathan Adler Barbie couch. Comes as shown.

Will trade for:

–stuff from my Absolute Socks list
–stuff from my Cotswold Collectibles list
–1:6 scale doll socks
–strawberry blond or deep golden blond doll hair to make a wig
–robes, capes, drapey things, and other dramatic stuff for someone who’s a wizard in his own mind :p
–a reroot for my 2016 Hispanic Holiday Barbie custom
–articulated kid/teen bodies, including Noix de Rome Ninie, Lain Serial Experiments, Obitsu 11cm, 22/24/26cm [new]
–Triad Alpha Caucasian S or M bust
–Takara/BBI Cy Girls bodies in Kat/Destiny/Nikki [tan] or Ebony [middling brown] skintone
–Mattel Curvy Made To Move in any color
–Mattel Fashionista Tropicutie
–Fire Toys Princess Leia head
–realistic 1:6 scale felted animals
–furniture in neutral tones

Will fart in the general direction of
–Mattel articulated Stacie bodies
–action figure bodies with squishy busts
–BBI Perfect Body figures

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