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Some of the under-13 set chez Modern Wizard

Some of the under-13 set chez Modern Wizard published on No Comments on Some of the under-13 set chez Modern Wizard

About six months ago, I noticed a distressing lack of kids under 13 amongst my small populations.

In fact, I had just three out and about. Two, Submit and Delmar, were BJDs who bugged me.


Delmar bugs me
Submit bugs me

The other was a doll with porcelain head, neck, and lower limbs, and a stuffed body with wire armature. Originally known as Alabama, she was known for a short time as Gerry before I decided not to add her to the Shalkaverse.

Gerry Shalkaverse

I recently got a box of dolls from @glaceleau that she didn’t want, so I have improved and expanded my under-13 population.

Dolls before I got my grubby customizing mitts all over them. From L to R, Jakks Pacific Juku Couture Kana head on MGA Bratz body with Mattel Barbie knees and lower legs, Jakks Pacific Juku Couture Audrina, Mattel Stacie. Last two are from @glaceleau.
Uncustomized Jakks Pacific Juku Couture Audrina from @glaceleau next to one that I recently customized. Removed makeup, redid eyebrows. Removed hair, flocked scalp with Flower Soft, which is vaguely foliage-like flocking for use in making miniature flowers. Outfit uses vinyl decal on shirt, Barbie leggings, and Barbie hightops.
There’s another Juku Couture custom on the left. Removed original hair and lipstick, added puff wig made from faux alpaca fur.
Some of the under-13 set chez moi. Back row, L to R: Aforementioned Juku Couture Audrina, aforementioned Juku Couture Kana hybrid, Knickerbocker Annie head on Bratz body with shortened legs and wire added to elbow joints, aforementioned porcelain/soft body doll. Front row, L to R: Mattel Kelly doll, repainted, restyled, redressed, and body modded with wire at elbows and legs, another Kelly repaint with trimmed-down cranium and fur wig, body from @glaceleau, waiting for improved articulation, Battat 8″ My Generation with wire added to elbows and knees, aforementioned Stacie with repaint, cranium trim-down, and fur wig.

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