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The Juku gang [NB: not an actual gang]

The Juku gang [NB: not an actual gang] published on No Comments on The Juku gang [NB: not an actual gang]

I customized the one-footed redhead Jakks Pacific Juku Couture Audrina from @glaceleau today. I redressed her in an MGA Bratz dress and some random leggings, then took off her remaining foot. I filled some Mattel Barbie hightops [also from @glaceleau] with goo+goo=thing Aves Apoxie Sculpt, jammed her leg stumps in them, and made shoefeet. All dolls with Juku Couture heads then gathered for a group shot. All of them are unreasonably adorable. Four kids, and not a lick of fashion sense among ’em. ^_^L to R: 1) Audrina on default body. Custom wig and shoefeet. 2) Little Alison, a Kana on hybrid Juku/Noix de Rome Ninie body. Custom…uh…everything, including wig, faceup, body, and shoefeet. Also I made the pants. 3) Audrina on default body. Custom flocking and faceup. 4) Kana on hybrid MGA Bratz body with Mattel Barbie knees and calves. Custom wig. Removed lipstick.

I didn’t realize I had two Audrinas and two Kanas. Anyone who would like to pass along their unusued Juku Coutures in any skintone and any condition can PM me.


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