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All my dolls, 06/23/2018

All my dolls, 06/23/2018 published on 1 Comment on All my dolls, 06/23/2018

Well, most of them, as of 06/23/2018.

Since I already have detail shots of many of these dolls scattered around my blog, I will not do closeup portraits this time. This census shows groups according to where they hang out in my house. I’m not tagging them by universe either. Dolls without names are identified by the makes and models of their parts.

Living Room

A. Araminthe.
B. Yamarrah.
C. Timonium.
D. Touralyn.
E. Polly.
F. Epona.
G. Delmar.
H. Submit.
I. Mezco Living Dead Dolls Fashion Victims Kitty.
J. Jujube.
K. Jeff.
L. American Character Sweet Sue.
M. Dorothy.
N. Honorine.
O. Carol.
P. Lakis.
Q. The Stylist.
R. Charlie.
S. Scintilla.
T. Reeve.
U. Little Alison.
V. Little Bill.
W. The Little Witch.
X. The Little Fixit.
Y. Ten.
Z. Harry.
1. Major Tom.
2. Bill.
3. The Doctor.
4. Alison.
5. The Master.


6. Jareth [in storage].
7. Beck.
8. Steve.
9. Mattel Modern Circle Milly on Mattel Barbie Fashionistas body.
10. Isabel.
11. Megan.
12. Ziggy.
13. Novella.
14. Theophany.
15. Farrier [waiting for a body].
16. Unknown doll.
17. Playmates Uhura.
18. Sekiguchi Momoko head repainted by John on Spin Master Liv body.
19. Jakks Pacific Juku Couture head on MGA Bratz and Mattel Barbie hybrid body.
20. Sappho the Lesbian Love Bot/the Lesbionic Woman.
21. Unknown head repainted and rerooted by Andrea on Takara Cy Girl body.
22. Mattel WWE Superstar Becky Lynch.
23. Character Options Clockwork Droid.
24. Disney Mulan head repainted by Andrea on Obitsu body.
25. Hot Toys Star Wars A New Hope Princess Leia.
26. Velvette.
27. Janet.
28. Viktor.
29. Baozha.
30. Anna.
31. Dead version of Isabel.
32. Lumberjack.
33. Azone head on MGA Bratz body.
34. Annie.
35. Mattel Kelly.
36. Takara Cy Girl AJ repainted and rerooted by Andrea.
37. Caveat.
38. Mattel Fashionista head on Disney Star Wars Elite body.
39. Mattel Chelsey Club kid.
40. Alabama.
41. Pippilotta.
42. Dieter Mueller American Teen Dominique.
43. Thalia.
44. Fritillaria.
45. Never the Less.
46. Sardonix.

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