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Day 4 with natalunasans — the Masters at Table Rock State Park

Day 4 with natalunasans — the Masters at Table Rock State Park published on No Comments on Day 4 with natalunasans — the Masters at Table Rock State Park

Yesterday we headed off to Table Rock State Park. Small-scale drama ensued in the form of a multipart photostory called The Master Disaster.

Part I: In Which Harry Is Being a Shit

natalunasans’ Simm Master, left, and Evilcat, right, huddled on a picnic table, contemplating the general indignity and inconvenience of mornings.

Harry came on the scene, having turned down the volume on the Drums and given all his usual pain to the Magister by psychic transfer. With his usual high energy and irresistible [?] charm, he was too perky for his own good. Plus he was a morning person. Conflict was inevitable…

That’s Concentrate of Glamour, one of the supplies that I created the day before. Harry’s levels of glamour are naturally high, but he takes these as supplements. He also shares gladly with anyone who he thinks needs some!

Part II: In Which Shalka Master Pushes the Magister’s Buttons

The Magister, left, and natalunasans’ Shalka Master were comparing remote controls.

Being who he is, the Shalka Master could never merely look at the Magister’s remote. He had to press buttons — namely, the one that was shaped like a cat.
Cat-o-matic activated! This feature basically makes the Magister act like a cat. When he’s in cattitude, he’s much more affectionate than he is otherwise.

Part III: In Which a Catfight Occurs

But not all cats are as friendly as Best Kitty [as the Magister is known in cattitude]. What would happen when he encountered Evilcat??? No one knew, but Simm Master was ready to capture the shenanigans for posterity.

Simm Master took advantage of the only opportunity in his life to pat the Master on the head.

Part IV: In Which Harry Loves Weiners

The cattitude eventually wore off, and no one was the worse for wear. They were, however, hungry. Those who could eat laid out supper sustenance. The Shalka Master joined in his usual role of curious observer.

Evilcat heard the Magister opening a package of onion chips and thought it was cat treats. No amount of coaxing could remove him from the lap of his new bestest friend ever.

Harry grilled sausages, mostly so he could make weiner jokes.
Harry: “Mmmmm, I do love a nice big, long, thick, juicy weiner…”
Simm Master: “Go choke on it, you weirdo. We don’t even have any humans around to make uncomfortable.”
Harry: “Don’t worry. I’m especially adept with big weiners. I’ve learned to suppress my gag reflex for deep-throating.”

Harry finally stopped with the double entendres in time for ice cream.
Unfortunately he made remarks about “double-fisting it” and gave blow jobs to the spoons.
Harry was gratified when Simm Master rolled his eyes so hard that he sprained them. Mission accomplished!
Evilcat didn’t care about Harry’s commentary. He had a whole carton of ice cream to stick his face into!
On the other hand, the Magister was slightly put off by Harry’s endless bullshit.


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