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Adventures in 1:9 scale, or, I blame Bill Potts!

Adventures in 1:9 scale, or, I blame Bill Potts! published on No Comments on Adventures in 1:9 scale, or, I blame Bill Potts!

The three best companions ever in the history of Doctor Who are tied for first place: Alison Cheney, Bill Potts, and the Master. Alison and Bill suffered truly shitty adventures, so I paired them off, and now they are living happily.

Anyway, I’m always looking for little 3D representations of Bill, so I was checked online to see if Character Options had made her yet. No, of course not. But I did discover a Titan vinyl figure of her with a wonderful caricature that captures the essence of her lively, curious, upbeat personality. It also looks amazingly like Pearl Mackie, so of course I had to get it.


Further research into the DW offerings from Titan revealed more of my favorite characters, including the Third Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, and [coming in September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Delgado Master. I began to consider the possibility of dolls in this scale, especially since there were headsculpts for two of my core fanfic characters, Bill and the Master.

But what about Alison and the Doctor? I decided I could get a decent Shalka Doctor out of the First Doctor Titan. Then I discovered Toy Biz Famous Cover 9″ action figures of superheroes. One of them, Storm, looked in the pictures like she might approximate Alison’s sharp features, so I ordered her.

Well, Storm’s head turned out to be small, asymmetrical, and un-charming, so that was a bust. However, Titan Bill’s head looks great, accounting, of course, for eventual skintone matching.

This was not enough to console me, however, because I was still pissed off my by lack of Alison. Then I realized that I’m a digital sculptor with access to a 3D printer, and I have also made a digital Alison. I can just print her out at the correct size. With 1:9 scale versions of all four members of the Dork fam in the offing, I was finally pleased. Pics below.

Titan Bill on the left stands next to the Toybiz Famous Covers Storm on the right. Storm won’t work for Alison at all. Her head is too small and crabby looking.
Look! Look at how cute she is! This level of adorbz should be illegal. For body mods, the armpits and inner edges of the crotch need reduction so that limbs can lie more naturally. Neck needs some slight bulking up. And she needs better hands.
1:9 scale Bill on the left, 1:6 scale Bill on the right. 1:9 scale Bill is wearing the outfit from the black Mattel Babysitters Inc. doll, and it looks perfect on her. I’m thinking that I might do with her as I did for 1:6 scale Bill, color matching only the bust, then giving her a bodysuit.

While I’m at it, here’s a preview of my 1:9 scale Shalka Doctor:

Titan First Doctor on the left compared to my Shalka Doctor [a modified portrait sculpt of actor Richard E. Grant, who voiced the Doctor in SotS] on the right. The 1:9 scale Doctor needs sideburns, messier hair, less glowy pink [?!] skin, and more makeup, but the likeness is there.
And here’s what the Master’s gonna look like [confirmed to ship September 1, 2018 WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!]:

Who’s a cute little Master? You are! Yes you are! As an aside, I’m supremely pissed off that it looks like they couldn’t be arsed to get his skintone correct. He’s sort of a sepia brown, you dinguses, not a yellowy peach.

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