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Take my stuff, please!

Take my stuff, please! published on 1 Comment on Take my stuff, please!

Stuff I’m getting rid of.

Tissue box sofa with faux snakeskin covering by DollsAhoy.
Plastic greenery.
Target Our Generation skeleton from a set of science equipment for 18″ dolls, but, as you can see, perfectly scaled for 1:6 ers.
Gloria picnic table, with top and seats painted green by me. One bench needs to be reglued onto frame. Made famous in one of the Dork Fam Goes Camping photostories!!
Miscellaneous shit, including shoes, some Fresh Dolls clothes, a mini tripod, hooks, snaps, and a plastic stereo.

L to R: Mego 13″ Cher, Mezco Living Dead Fashion Victim [somewhat articulated — a great friend for Monster Highs!], and Peekaboo, a Barbie/Liv hybrid fully customized by DollsAhoy.
L to R: Prunella, a DollsAhoy repaint/reroot on a Liv body. Mattel Hip Hoodie rebodied onto a My Scene male body, and an American Teen by Dieter Muller, heavily modified by me to increase poseability [which is why you can’t see her limbs]. Faceup enhanced by me. Her shirt is probably not available, unless you make me a really good offer, since I made it and I’m still kind of attached to it.
I’d also like to pass along my Cleabella magnetic folding backdrop to someone who would use it. It’s taking up valuable real estate in my small bedroom where I could be storing more important things. Pics available upon request.

Looking to trade, rather than sell, especially for the following:

Stuff for my secondhand store, especially highly detailed bags, highly detailed shoes for 1:6 scale action figures, and highly detailed hats for 1:6 scale action figures
Stuff for my reading room, including miniature books, bookshelves, and waist-high tables or similar that can be used as counters
Stuff for my robotics/resurrection lab, including computers, Fiendish Devices, robots, anatomical models, chemistry stuff, etc.
Stuff for my cemetery/spellcasting set, including realistic cats, skulls, funeral statuary, etc.

To get an idea of what I’d like in those sets, look at my pictures of them here.

I’m also looking for the following:
Stuff for my chem lab/kitchen, especially steampunk widgets
Stuff for my alchemy/magic room, especially bottles of weird substances, magical items, books, bookshelves, and waist-high tables or similar that can be used as counters

Pictures of those sets can be seen here.

I’m also selectively interested in Doctor Who stuff, but it’s VERY selective. My interest is limited to the Third Doctor, Delgado Master, Jo Grant, The Scream of the Shalka AU, Tenth Doctor, Simm Master, Missy, and Bill Potts, insofar as she is awesome and NOT steamrolled by a shitty narrative. Oh yeah, and Weeping Angels [because my cemetery needs one :p], Cyber people [cyborgs!!!], and Daleks [more cyborgs!!!]. I may be interested in small representations of some DW stuff, if you have any of that lying around.

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