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New 1:6 scale spaces in the living room

New 1:6 scale spaces in the living room published on No Comments on New 1:6 scale spaces in the living room

I walled off a corner of the living room with two bookcases to create a place where I can hang out in my new recliner and have [the illusion of] privacy. Here are the new scenes on these shelves:

We begin with the top shelf, which is a lab of dubious science/kitchen, populated by [L to R] Lakis, the Stylist, Ten, and Harry.

Bookcase is a bamboo drawer organizer. Trolley, microscope, large beakers, and molecule model are Target Our Generation accessories for 18″ dolls.
I am pretty sure that Harry taught Lakis the Elements Song by Tom Lehrer, so the Stylist is giving her more information on all those complicated words. Also I haven’t hung up the chart yet. :p
Ten is drinking coffee, which is probably not a good idea for someone who’s already off the wall. Harry has whiskey.
All the first aid supplies are lined up on top of the cabinets, along with that other necessity of all labs of dubious science: COOKIES!

And here’s the second scene. I play with the Little Dork Fam a lot more than I expected, so I gave them their own scene, an alchemy/magic lab. From L to R are Major Tom [not a Little Dork], the Little Witch, the Little Fixit, Little Alison, and Little Bill.

Major Tom gets something from a high shelf for the Little Witch. Sink is a paperclip holder made by DripClips. Paper towel dispenser is an empty dental floss container with a warning about washing hands. A red flathead tack is the sensor. Bunsen burner is from Target Our Generation.

The Little Fixit is happily fixing a thing! Who knows what it is? They’re going to fix it anyway! What’s that you say? “Fixing it” looks a lot like “having fun while taking it apart and making a huge mess?” Well obviously! You have to figure out how it fits together before you can fix it!
Note Mattel Barbie popcorn popper at Little Dork level. Note altar to cats [?] to the right of that. Note Loaf the galactic cat in Little Bill’s lap.
This seems to be Little Alison and Little Bill’s default position: Little Alison telling a story with dramatic hand gestures, Little Bill listening with GREAT WUVS in her eyes.

And here’s the third space, as yet unfurnished. From L to R, there are Charlie, Carol, Scintilla, and Reeve. Carol really needs better clothes and her Jo! I also need to redo Reeve. And I think Missy should move over there.

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