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Today’s 1:6 scale work: new hands and Tarot deco

Today’s 1:6 scale work: new hands and Tarot deco published on No Comments on Today’s 1:6 scale work: new hands and Tarot deco

I decorated some of my 1:6 scale scenes with cards from my Tarot of the Sweet Twilight by Christina Benintende. I like the twisty, humorous, phantasmagorical designs on almost all cards, so I selected cards for each set based primarily on pictures.

I also gave 75% of the Little Dorks, Alison, the Little Witch, and the Little Fixit, new hands with which they could hold things. Little Bill will get new hands when I have the time. By drilling the holes bit by bit on a low Dremel setting and testing the new wrist pegs frequently, I achieved securely fitting pegs. That’s more than I could ever do when turning the Dremel up to highest speed. No melting plastic either!

Tarot cards for the magic room. I’ll explain why I chose those pictures later.
Hot Toys female gloved hands. I generally hate HT hands for their easily breakable wrist pegs and the fact that the fem ones are on the small side. But they work as gloved hands for the Little Witch.

The Little Fixit has Obitsu hands from one of the smaller sizes [ <27cm ]. They don’t match exactly, but painting them was too much of a paint in the ass. Now they can hold their drill and other tools! They can also do decent jazz hands! 😀
Little Alison also has Obitsu hands, painted to match [after much wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and mixing of the wrong color the first 75 times] and sealed with matte gloss. In deference to realism, her palms are paler and pinker [original color was peachy pink] than the rest of her. [It was also easier to paint just the backs!] Little Bill will have the same realistic variation on her hands when I get around to painting them. Color matching Little Alison was really hard because I tend to mix large blobs of color at once. However, Little Alison is a warm light red/golden/orange brown. It’s a subtle shade that requires a little dab of this and a drop of that, a mixing technique contrary to my lavish impulses. Well, now it’s close enough. Little Alison is the cutest doll I have ever made. How did she become so cute?!
Carnelian, being a catwitch, gets a whole slew of Tarot cards. From L to R, we have the High Priestess [because she’s magical!], the Six of Cups [for a person in connection with non-human animals], the Ten of Swords [for an angel hanging out in a cemetery, just like Carnelian!], the Ace of Pentacles [for the person whose hair turns into plants], Strength [for the person associated with a cat], the Nine of Cups [not sure why — it just seems appropriate], and the Queen of Swords [for looking smug while surrounded by fire]. Carnelian is the only one who has a whole scene to herself AND like 7 Tarot cards for decoration. Maybe she needs some company…

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