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Paper dolls from VTDL — the glory of the Seventies!!

Paper dolls from VTDL — the glory of the Seventies!! published on No Comments on Paper dolls from VTDL — the glory of the Seventies!!

Mary brought hundreds of pages of paper dolls to the VTDL meetup earlier this month, but I just processed the pictures tonight. All of them capture the bright colors and enthusiasm for prints characteristic of 1971. And they were all so playful and exuberant that I couldn’t select a few favorites. All the [crappy] photos are below the cut.

Dawn and Her Friends paper doll book by Topper, 1971, with an actual doll demonstrating that the paper dolls are the same size as the plastic ones.
Faves: the pink and blue ensemble in top right and the brown tweed in center bottom.
Faves: the frilly dotted thing at top center and the semi-abstract stained glass window at bottom right.
Faves: the smart stripey set at top left, the green and purple uniform at bottom left, the striped turtleneck dress at bottom right. Bonus: the yellow checked stuff in upper right looks like something that the Fourth Doctor would wear.
Faves: the magenta and floral dress in top center, the blue romper in bottom center.

Why the FUCK are there some stereotypical Indians in the background with stereotypical headdresses and stereotypical teepees?
Crissy and Velvet Paper Dolls by Ideal. Also from 1971.

Fave: the double-belted pantsuit.

Fave: sparkly star vomit with elbow puffs.

Fave: TOTALLY GAY rainbow butterfly bellbottoms.

Fave: the pink elasticated wonder.
Fave: the groovy aviary sleeping bag.

Fave [?]: the leisure suit with contrasting zipper and O ring.




And some more Dawn paper doll outfits. These are larger than the actual Dawn dolls, and they come without tabs because they’re supposed to stick to the glossy cardboard doll through static electricity.
FAVE! Fun, fuzzy, and fruity.
FAVE! Severe and yet intriguingly similar to a road map.
FAVE! The drama of the vest! The eye-searing busyness of the tricolor checks!
FAVE! A little bit gay, but not as gay as those bellbottoms.
Fave! Winner of the Loudest Set of Prints on a Single Garment Contest, 1971.

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