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Outfits for Jo and Carol — inspired by 1970s paper dolls

Outfits for Jo and Carol — inspired by 1970s paper dolls published on No Comments on Outfits for Jo and Carol — inspired by 1970s paper dolls

I’m making 1:6 scale versions of two of my favorite Doctor Who characters, Jo Grant and Carol Bell. In my universe, they’re a couple who end up flying around time and space, notable for embodying the groovy spirit of the Seventies, whatever that is. They play to people’s expectations by rotating through endless closets of flamboyant period clothes. This is all hilarious because neither of them are fashionable…or they weren’t when they lived in the 1970s. But now they’re totally groovy!!

I went through the paper dolls that I saw at the last VTDL meetup and selected outfits that I thought would work for Jo and Carol.

Outfits for Jo. When choosing clothes for her, I went for short and/or tight and/or loud, but overall a bright and femmey style. She likes tailored details and trims and patterns!

Neat, slim, form-fitting, with BONUS SEXY fishnets, this is Jo’s typical combination of daring details [the minidress almost too short for UNIT dress code] and classy tailoring [the button-down front and crisp collar/cuffs].
Femmey, flowery, and fishnetty! What more could a girl want?
Jo can really rock the rompers. She likes rainbow stripe detailing too…PLUS BOLD RED LEGGINGS!!!
One of the most quintessentially Jo outfits, this contains sunny, springy colors, perfect coordination, and FLUFF.
Jo would absolutely wear this, although I think she’d accessorize that chain belt with a padlock.
Another quintessential outfit: very femme in the details and very loud in the patterns.
There’s so much going on here: the tricolor checks, the poofy sleeves, the high-waisted belt, the hot pants, the DRAMATIC SWOOPING vest, the Roman sandals. I love it.

Outfits for Carol. When choosing clothes for her, I went for a comparatively muted palette, pants over skirts/dresses, simple tailoring over decorated, and a uniform/military influence.

A little on the stuffy side, even for Carol. We’re pretending that the herringbone tights are opaque leggings.
This is Carol’s palette, but she wouldn’t be caught dead in hot pants. Nice militaristic jacket, though.
Practical and sensible, just like Carol. Also perfectly coordinated from scarf to shoes, just like Carol. Also I like it because it reminds me of the Fourth Doctor’s get-up.
Appropriately uniform-like in tailoring, but rather monochrome. Carol probably wears this to the UNIT summer barbecue
An outfit for intimidating people. >:[
The sheer DRAMA of this dress/cape/coat thing is off the charts. Carol would definitely be wearing some pants underneath it, though, not a minidress.
Part of me thinks this looks like what the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George wears on his days off. And part of me thinks that this is perfect for Carol: simple, relatively unadorned, but still very 1970s.

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