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Giving fking Charlie a more accurate fking body

Giving fking Charlie a more accurate fking body published on No Comments on Giving fking Charlie a more accurate fking body

When we last saw Charlie, I was about to give her the clunky robot body from a 12″ Cyber person figure. I did that this weekend.

Carving out hips so she can sit.
Those swivel wrists have got to go.

While I was removing arm armor, I decided to pop it off the upper arms and add some swivel joints.
Cut the upper arms in two. Sanded down rough edges.
Drilled holes in upper and lower parts of biceps, testing fit of nails periodically. When done, clipped nails to size and used friction to fit arms back together.

At this point I realized that, as I had described her, Charlie was never a 100% complete Cyber person.  She was found partially crushed, missing her right arm and both legs, so my characters restored them to her in the form of lifelike robotic prostheses. Fortunately I had a pair of action figure legs available.


Hot glued into place. I didn’t want to replace Charlie’s entire right arm, so I gave her an organic-looking hand to symbolize her replaced body parts over there.
I hacked the neck off the Takara Cy Girl 1.0 body that Charlie was previously using…
I jammed it in the neckhole and anchored it there with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.
Here’s Charlie, about 85% finished. Still needs appropriate updo, mole on her face, and swearing emoji on her armor.

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