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The 1:7.3333333333 Master’s body in progress

The 1:7.3333333333 Master’s body in progress published on No Comments on The 1:7.3333333333 Master’s body in progress

The Titans 3″ Delgado Master debuted [fucking finally] on November 19th, so I immediately purchased three — one for regular Master, one for Catster [with cat ears and whiskers], and one for extra. To that end, I’ve been busily working on 1:7.33333333 scale persons this weekend. Below is the current state of the Master’s body.

I’ve decided to keep my 1:7.3333333333 Master in his iconic black Nehru suit, with black shoes and black leather gloves. As a result, I don’t give a flying fuck what color his body is, since it will all be covered up, and I can paint the neck to match the head. As a result, I’ve pursued articulation over aesthetics for his body. Bust is from a 2018 Mattel Harry Potter kid doll. Arms are from an Obitsu slender male doll. Abdomen and lower body are from some solid plastic Willy Wonka 1:6 scale action figure from @natalunasans, heavily hacked down to size. A good sharp craft knife blade goes right through that dense solid plastic. Of course it also goes through flesh too… >_>

Below, the Master with another Master.

I need to attach bust to rest of doll and cut 1-1.5mm off the wrists. Lower arms are too long. Also need to decide about feet. I have some heeled feet from a Toybiz Famous Covers body but…meh. He’s supposed to be shorter than Alison [not shown].

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