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Jareth in frilly, ruffly Elizabethan garb

Jareth in frilly, ruffly Elizabethan garb published on 1 Comment on Jareth in frilly, ruffly Elizabethan garb

Damn…I haven’t taken photos of this dude in years. In fact, he’s been in my closet for quite a few months, as I was rearranging my room and making space for 1:6 scale inhabitants. But @supergranularqueer inspired me to have a coming out party for Jareth which involved changing his clothes. Phew, now I remember why I don’t do that too often. He has fiddly, complex, bespoke couture that requires hours to get him into. Of course, I really have no one to blame but myself for his style, since I commissioned all his clothes based on my own designs. Behold one of his inimitable looks, vaguely Elizabethan, insofar as it’s layered, puffy, frilly, ruffly, and froofy. Behold as well the glory that is my creative chaos. Damn, Jareth. Just DAMN. How do you manage to look so hot in everything and anything?! ld


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