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The newest resident of House Rainbow Barf — Ishi!!

The newest resident of House Rainbow Barf — Ishi!! published on 1 Comment on The newest resident of House Rainbow Barf — Ishi!!

I got one of the mini Disney Princess dolls representing Tiana in casual clothes, as she appears in Wreck It Ralph Breaks the Internet. All of the princesses are surprisingly adorable, thanks in large part to their extremely expressive, exaggerated headsculpts and their clever outfits that make reference to their stories with modern styling. They also have ball-jointed shoulders and hips, along with jointed elbows and wire in their legs. Their limbs each have 90 degrees of flexion! With rooted hair, fully tailored outfits with shoes for some, and accessories for certain ones, they represent a high quality that I haven’t seen in playline dolls for a long time. Tiana, however, is objectively the adorablest, with her expression of great jubilation, asymmetrical eyebrows, and one winking eye.

Anyway, I was very distressed when I first got Tiana — renamed Ishi — because she didn’t seem to be in the same scale as any of my other dolls. Was she doomed to be lonely, friendless, and unloved?

No! I thought that Ishi’s size and shape looked similar to that of my Elfdoll 14cm tinies, so I tried her clothes on Dorothy. They fit!

A body comparison with Dorothy [left] and Ishi shows that most of Ishi’s extra height comes from her elongated torso and legs.
I decided to cut Ishi down so that she would be more in scale with the House Rainbow Barf gang. Then she could move in with them. Ishi’s wired legs presented a problem, as I could not just remove height from them as I would if they were jointed. Fortunately, I swapped Honorine onto an 11cm Obitsu recently, leaving me with her old 14cm body and no use for it. I could splice the waist/hips/legs/feet from Honorine’s old body with the head/arms/bust from Ishi’s original body. Then she’d retain leg articulation, and she would be closer in size to other House Rainbow Barf denizens.

Yeah, most of the height is in the torso and legs.
Cut Ishi in two and ground out inside of her torso so that it fit top of Elfdoll 14cm waist piece.
Cut a little more off the head/arms/bust part of Ishi and strung the Elfdoll 14cm lower half, one loop of elastic per leg. Tested fit. Ishi, anticipating corporeal wholeness, got excited. 😀
Wired Elfdoll parts with doubled-up wire down each thigh and knee. Tested fit.
My ol’ friend hot glue came to the rescue. I coated the inside of Ishi’s bust with it, then jammed the Elfdoll waist up there. This way, if the elastic ever fucks up, I can always melt the glue, pull out her waist, and restring.
Ishi is very excited to be whole again — then again, she’s always excited about everything. We still have a color match problem, however.

I made Ishi some legwarmers out of sock material and cotton knit to cover her discolored legs. Then she headed straight for her favorite pastime, video games. That’s a functioning battery-powered World’s Smallest Arcade [Pac-Man], currently sold as a keychain, made by Super Impulse.. There are other games as well. On a riser, it’s great for 1:12 scale [House Rainbow Barf scale].

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