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Thirteen’s new companion, Frankie

Thirteen’s new companion, Frankie published on No Comments on Thirteen’s new companion, Frankie

My 10″ Thirteenth Doctor has been lonely since I acquired them. Inspired this weekend, I made them a companion from a 3″ Titans vinyl head from Janine Melnitz, a character from Ghostbusters, spliced onto a body from a Disney Elite 10″ Princess Leia.


Default look, without glasses.
Attack of the messy brown faceup.

She’s wearing a dress from a Mattel Share a Smile Becky [friend of Barbie], leggings from a first issue Mattel Made to Move Fashionista, a vest by DollsAhoy, and [below] MGA Bratz boots, along with Mattel Barbie glasses.
Thirteen: “Stay calm. Approach slowly.” // Frankie: “Those aren’t pickled fiddleheads. I just saw them wriggle!”

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