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My favorite Roger Delgado non-media shots

My favorite Roger Delgado non-media shots published on No Comments on My favorite Roger Delgado non-media shots

Here is a collection of my favorite Roger Delgado non-media shots, i.e., candids, portraits, and other things not directly from the movies or TV. Enjoy the quintessence of that ineffable Delgadesco charm!

Look at how his face just opens up when he smiles!
Roger cranks up the swashbuckling suavity to 11 with a twinkle in his eye. Kismet gazes at him with a smirk of quiet amusement crossed with WUVS.
Roger’s preferred activity: hanging out with his dog in his back yard and reading.
Roger on the patio, reading glasses in hand.
Roger hanging out in a deck chair, dressed in some weird checked pattern on his shirt, shorts, and sandals, with a sun umbrella in his lap.
I suspect that this was taken on the same day as the deck chair one. Nice hat, dude. 😀
Roger in a tank top painting. Don’t forget to use sunscreen!! Boy, glasses frames were blocky back then…

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