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New 1:6 scale stuff — record player, mini vending machines, etc.

New 1:6 scale stuff — record player, mini vending machines, etc. published on No Comments on New 1:6 scale stuff — record player, mini vending machines, etc.

Got some 1:6 scale stuff recently. Clearing out my phone, I found these photos.

If you need a realistic record player for cheap, try the keychain by World’s Coolest [that’s the brand]. It has a useless sound feature; when you move the arm over the record, it makes a staticky, hissing noise. Eurgh.
It measures 4x4x2cm, and it’s more realistic than any Barbie thing you’ll find on the market.
I think the platter might be slightly underscale, but the realistic sculpt, colors, and details make this an expenditure worth every bit of the $6.99 I spent.
These miniature vending machines, made by J-Dream, are the shit. They’re just 3.5x5x1.75cm in measurement, since they are capsule toys made to sell in gachapon vending machines. [Yes, they are vending machines that come out of vending machines.] One of four vending machines at left. Corresponding capsule at right. Clearly these capsules are going to have some sci-fi use.
As Alison demonstrates, both the machines and the tiny grey beverage containers are extremely small for 1:6 scale. I’m guessing that the machines are maybe 1:24 scale? They have such great details and functions — you can load drinks in the back and dispense them from the front — that I’ve decided that they sell supplements like super energy shots or something.

Alison and Bill show them from another angle. There are four possible varieties of vending machine and also a case of drinks. The whole set of 5 was like $35.00 shipped, and I think it’s a great deal for unusual and well-made things that I’m probably never going to see available again.
I think they weird Thirteen out a bit, though… :p

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