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Iris mockup

Iris mockup published on 1 Comment on Iris mockup

At first there was the Gay Barbie, a Mattel Fashionista 90 with a sparkly Pride minidress. I eventually realized that I was not a fan of her headsculpt, so her dress moved to another doll, a Fresh Dolls Lynette that @trufflesmushroom rooted for me with a rainbow of embroidery floss. Iris started out looking like this…

Fresh Dolls 01
I customized the default Fresh Dolls body by adding articulated ankles and articulated wrists. Sadly I drilled through her palms. However, the addition of wrist flexion makes her much more expressive. It pretty much compensates for her limited elbow and knee articulation.
Dressed and waiting for her head to come back from @trufflesmushroom, Iris wears the Gay Barbie’s dress, some sleeves to hide her mismatching wrist pegs, and Jakks Pacific Juku Couture boots. The boots make her feet look much more in scale. They also allow her to stand unaided.
Crappy mockup gives an idea of how Iris might look when I get her rerooted head back. She needs at least her eyebrows repainted, that horrid grey eyeshadow erased, and possibly some of my patented Eye Bags [TM] and nasal shading.

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