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Bailey and Pammy [aka Medicom Bambi and Pampi] before modding

Bailey and Pammy [aka Medicom Bambi and Pampi] before modding published on No Comments on Bailey and Pammy [aka Medicom Bambi and Pampi] before modding

I recently purchased Medicom Stylish Collection Bambi and Pampi action figures. I first got these back in 2003 or so. I kept the Bambi head, shoes, and gun, getting rid of the body, as it was too fragile. I got rid of the clothes because they didn’t fit anyone else. And I got rid of Pampi because I had no interest in a kid in a devil suit. Bambi became my much-loved Baozha, crabby and explosive-happy adopted daughter of the leader of the Hun [vampires of Boston’s Chinatown] Chow Bang. Eventually I transplanted her head and shoes to a modified Spin Master Liv body. She now looks like this:

Baozha LHF.

Anyway, I will keep both dolls from my newest acquisition of Bambi and Pampi. I’ll even keep as much of their original bodies as I can because I love the way that both are stylized. I foresee some challenges, however. Unmodded shots of Bailey [Bambi] and Pammy [Pampi] below.

I am not taking that shirt off; it was too much of a struggle to put on. The default body features scrawny neck and arms, small breasts hanging low, high waist, wide thighs, and long thick legs. I have no idea how old the character from the source material is supposed to be, but the build suggests a gawky young teenager to me. I like it.
This is a rock-solid doll with the exception of the arms with nice tight joints that hold poses well, as well as some serious screws holding her core together. Unfortunately her elbow joints are the most delicate I’ve encountered. The ratcheting helps her to hold poses, but it also requires more effort to move the joints, thus straining the thin pieces of vinyl further. The wrists are wretched. The pegs screw snugly into the sockets, which means that they don’t fall out easily. Hooray! Unfortunately, that means that it takes more effort to move them, which means that the thin plastic pulls and distorts, especially around the metal crosspieces. I’m contemplating some sort of mod for the hands, either mounting them on new pegs or drilling out the sockets to get rid of the threading.
This is officially the most hilarious doll I own, a beautifully stylized rendition of a squat, dumpy, and very sullen toddler. Articulation is shit; I wonder why Medicom didn’t just go with a statue. Presence of penis is very puzzling. I plan to remove the sticking-out tooth and do partial repaint.
Red stains caused by devil suit are distressing. Currently I’m attempting to remove these with generic acne cream, applied and then exposed to direct sunlight for a while.

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