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Iris with new and improved hair!

Iris with new and improved hair! published on 1 Comment on Iris with new and improved hair!

Iris came back from her sojourn with @trufflemushroom, who rerooted her using a Pride rainbow of warm-toned embroidery floss. Queerness ensued.

Are you paying attention, Mattel? This is what Fashionista 90 should have looked like. @trufflesmushrooms’ stunning reroot brings vibrant life and energy to a cute, welcoming sculpt full of attitude.

I wasn’t sure that the arm warmers and the boots would go, but they do. WORK IT, IRIS!
TOO QUEER 4 HERE. Still needs some fill on her palms painted and something done about that abominable grey eyeliner, but still damn stunning as is.

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