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Body mods on a crabby little toddler, Pammy

Body mods on a crabby little toddler, Pammy published on No Comments on Body mods on a crabby little toddler, Pammy

I hacked into my recently purchased Pampi action figure from the Medicom Stylish Collection Bambi and Pampi. Pictures and commentary below.

I chose to splice Pammy, as I have named the Pampi doll [left], with a 21cm Obitsu doll [right] for added articulation. Of the original body I wanted to preserve the chubby torso with genitalia, the hands, and the feet.
I really wanted to put knee joints on Pammy, but eventually decided to use the Obitsu’s thighs as chubby, cylindrical legs without knee joints, as the Obitsu legs would have been too fiddly to take apart.
I cut the torso almost in two to wedge the pelvis + thighs piece down into position.
Using a box cutter and an Xacto, I carefully carved out a lot of the soft plastic around the original hip sockets, as well as the original ass, to make a smooth transition between original body and Obitsu parts.
I couldn’t salvage the original hands, so I used shortened Obitsu arms with Obitsu hands. I shortened them both at the upper arm swivel and at the ends of the wrists. Proportions are about the same.
I sliced off the lower legs from the original doll and sank plastic sprue into them, then adhered them to the bottom of the Obitsu legs with hot glue. Filled in one of the gaps between lower leg and Obitsu thigh piece with hot glue and Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Still needs some stain removal from devil outfit.

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