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A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: doll photostories

A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: doll photostories published on 1 Comment on A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: doll photostories

Amazing dramas involving ice cream and cats filmed in Andrea’s doll room with her backdrops.

The Little Dorks lined up for ice cream, played by Rements and Iwako erasers. The ice cream seller, Glacee, is using the ice cream stand that I picked up for like $5.00 at Walmart.
Domokun wanted in on the action.
Little Alison favored shaved ice. The Little Fixit was in awe of their sundae.
The Little Witch contemplated her creemee.
Little Bill got a double from Glacee.
After the Little Dorks satisfied their hunger, the older Time Dorks hit the stand. From left to right, Simm Master [natalunasans], Thirteenth Doctor [mine], Thirteenth Doctor [natalunasans], Missy [natalunasans], Glacee [mine], Ten [natalunasans].
The Master was ambivalent about this “sundae.”
The Thirteenth Doctor analyzed the blue “flavoring” with their sonic. Verdict: possibly not even food.
The other Thirteenth Doctor needed goggles for the amazingness that was their creemee!
Missy looked about as thrilled with her choice as the Master with his.
Glacee tried to convince her that she’d like it. She wasn’t convinced.
Ten [incidentally wearing duds by Andrea] gazed critically at their dessert.
Against his better judgment, the Master showed the Little Dorks his mecha service tiger. The service tiger immediately ate the abandoned ice cream. A collective squee of delight arose from the Little Dorks.
The Master was not exactly certain how his robotic tiger was eating ice cream, but it seemed to really like the stuff.
Little Dorks: “EEEEEEEEEEE so cuuuuuuuuuute!”
Petted assiduously by four Little Dorks, the Master’s mecha tiger purred like a diesel engine. It even rolled over for undercarriage scritches! The Master was vicariously embarrassed. His tiger was not showing the appropriate protective and fierce persona. Ten attempted to comfort him.
The Master tried to impress the Little Dorks with a technical explanation of his service tiger’s capabilities.
“As you can see, when I need to sit down, it can easily bear my weight…”
Much to the Master’s chagrin, three of the four Little Dorks continued to treat his service tiger like an amusement park ride. Much to his confusion, Little Alison saw that he was upset and decided that he needed a hug.


Ten, accustomed to being the only one to touch their Master, watched anxiously for any adverse reactions as Little Alison blithely gave the Doctor’s partner hugs.
The Master admitted to himself that the small human clinging to his arm was not hurting him and actually felt kind of okay. Little Alison, who had the gift of acquiring pet Time Dorks, got another one without realizing it.

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