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A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: general photos

A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: general photos published on 1 Comment on A weekend at Andrea’s house, 07/04-07/07/2019: general photos

@dollsahoy, @natalunasans, and I met last weekend for doll geekery!

Stuff from Andrea’s giveaway boxes, including [from left] toys for toys, Spin Master Liv bodies, a Mattel McGonagall head and a Mattel Curvy Fashionista head, both with mohair for hair, various clothes.
More haul from Andrea’s house, including a General Mills Jamie Sommers Bionic Woman doll with much better paint that the one she gave me earlier, Mattel Made to Move Laurie Hernandez, Mattel Marni Senofonte Barbie, various windup robots, wooden robot toy, fabric for repairing a Barbie outfit, Mattel Barbie accessories electroplated gold, ceramic pumpkins.
With immaculate faceup, no inkstains on face, and a fur wig to obviate original nasty plastic hair, this doll will be an upgrade for Sappho the Lesbian Love Bot! I love this headsculpt. It’s simple, but also full of character and personality. Furthermore, it effectively portrays a wide smile. Look at the dimples!
On the other hand, this is an ineffectively done smile. This doll looks much older than the teenager it’s supposed to represent.
I found this one at Bargain Hunt, a salvage store, for $15.00 + tax. Usually $35.00. This is a great deal for a not-particularly-common sculpt and a decently jointed Curvy size body. The dress is from another Barbie Collector doll of the same size, The Look.
Really loud fabric scraps from Andrea for making really loud clothes for my dolls.
Selected doll stuff from natalunasans, including a lot of food erasers, a Gay Barbie body that she tried articulating, a Goodreau resin body that will do for a fat doll, a Spin Master Liv body with sanded down tits, and a wonderful 1:6 scale grill for all the Masters in my life. 😀
Part of my tribute for Andrea, this is a souvenir doll with a remarkably expressive face and decent poseability for someone with only about 5 points of articulation. She has a real wool dress. Country of origin undetermined.
natalunasans brought an SUV’s worth of fabric, notions, plus a few dolls, to offload on Andrea!
The Floof and her majestic ear hair help Andrea sort some of the fabric and stuff from natalunasans.
Floof helpfully supervised many of our activities.
She majestically photobombed.
Chip was harder to photograph, but, as you can see, he is equally as majestic as Floof, but he is a dapper old man cat in a tuxedo with a white dickey and boots. He curled up and napped next to me on the floor of Andrea’s doll room. Both of them meowed at me whenever I got up in the night, thinking that I would feed them. Spoiler: They were wrong. Fortunately I gave them many pets and happily got my fill of cat therapy. 😀
When I got home, I immediately distributed some of my new stuff among my small populations. From left to right: The Thirteenth Doctor got the Liv body with sanded tits [and some double-jointed arms from an Obitsu 27cm I had in my box], on which their clothes hang more realistically and baggy. Harry got a Mattel Barbie Fashionista manual wheelchair, some of the golden Barbie accessories, and Senofonte Barbie’s default pants, which surprisingly fit really well! Sappho got at total body upgrade and a slight mod on her fur wig to fit her better. The Little Fixit got a new obnoxious piece of clothing. They’re very proud of it. Little Alison is also convinced that she’s the epitome of style in her clothes from Andrea’s house. Glacee got default hands and feet removed, feet replaced with Obitsu 24cm flat ones, hands replaced by Disney Elite 10″ Jyn Erso hands on Obitsu 24cm pegs.
Harry is too busy dinking around on his bling-o-phone to look at the camera. Hey, wait a minute. No one in the frame is looking at the camera. >_>




Glacee’s style seems to balance between formal and informal. I like it.


From left to right, natalunasans with her Thirteenth Doctor in front of her face, Andrea with a Mattel My Scene repaint on a Mattel Curvy Made to Move body, me with the Little Witch.

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