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An apron for the Master!

An apron for the Master! published on No Comments on An apron for the Master!

This evening I drafted a pattern and made an apron for the Master so he can cook without getting his clothes messy. Of course, he wouldn’t usually wear something so colorful, but my story is that the Doctor made it for him. They were so proud of themself, so he couldn’t disappoint them by not wearing it, now could he? One of these days I’ll do a photostory with the Master cooking for the Dork fam!

I based this pattern on a Mattel Barbie apron, reverse-engineering it, adding length and width where I thought appropriate. For a first try, it came out reasonably attractive and functional, though the bib is too long and the waist ties too low. The apron also lacks bilateral symmetry, but that’s less a fault of the pattern and more a fault of me, the sloppy sewer. I’m very satisfied with the initial results.


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