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Attempt 4 million and 6 at a 1:6 scale power wheelchair

Attempt 4 million and 6 at a 1:6 scale power wheelchair published on No Comments on Attempt 4 million and 6 at a 1:6 scale power wheelchair

Recently, inspired by @natalunasans’ use of large plastic vehicle toys for toddlers, I decided to try my hand at a 1:6 scale power wheelchair YET AGAIN.

Paw Patrol, despite being a surveillance-state blight upon the land, provided just the simple, blocky shape that I wanted for the chair base.
At first I thought I would use a frame/seat from the recent Fashionista Barbie wheelchair. I decided not to because of its lack of armrests.
I removed the fkin decals and covered up the lights on the rear with white electrical tape. I had a chair assembly [1:6 scale office chair, seat cover made from socks, joybox made from erasers and pins] already, so I tested that on top of the base. Success!
There’s a hole in the top of the car where you’re supposed to put your little Surveillance State Toy Dog, so that was a natural spot to stick the chair. I secured it there with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. You can see the covered-up rear lights here.
Foot rests were a problem. I finally cut off the front bumper and punched two holes in the remaining plastic, then jammed dowels into them. The dowels stuck out like a forklift fork. Then I painted a piece of birch wood black and glued it into place for a footplate. Realistically the user would probably have some trouble getting into the chair if that were in the way, so just pretend that it moves, okay?!
Hey, at least Paw Patrol is good for SOMETHING!

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