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House Rainbow Barf moves! And other rearrangements…

House Rainbow Barf moves! And other rearrangements… published on No Comments on House Rainbow Barf moves! And other rearrangements…

I decided to disembarrass myself of House Rainbow Barf’s heavy, ungainly roomboxes. As an alternative, House Rainbow Barf and inhabitants have moved to an open-plan apartment on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in my bedroom. I also got rid of most of the furniture that went with the roomboxes, so Jujube, Jeff, Dorothy, Honorine, and Ishi are furnishing their loft with a combination of boxes and Rements mostly.

Sleeping bags came with the dolls. Rements: sleeping cat, strawberry clock, sideboard table, fish tank, fish food, net, broom, dust pan, dresser with lamp. Apparently, besides naps, Honorine likes caring for her kitty and her fishies. Floor buffer is a Galoob wind-up.
Rements: glass case and contents, morning glory in trellis, plants in red pot, broom and dustpan behind Ishi, mushroom bookends below Dorothy. Green chair is from the AG Minis Groovy Room. Ishi is geeking out about video games with Dorothy, who’s the gardener.

Rements: book in Jeff’s lap, bookcase supporting lamp. AG minis: coffee table and lamp. Couch is a cell phone holder. Arcade games are a candy tin and an actual mini arcade game. The felted sheep is snacking on poutine [left] and mac ‘n’ sneeze [right] by Geeklightful.
While I was rearranging stuff, I also worked in a larger scale. I broke up my lab of dubious science set in favor of a more realistic kitchen set.

Some of the dubious stuff remains out on the shelf, but I also seized the opportunity to put out some of my favorite appliances, as well as some of my favorite realistic branded miniatures. And of course there’s the toy Crescent cast iron stove, which should really be up on blocks for a realistic 1:6 scale height. I have a plastic modern stove and oven unit that matches the red and white sink unit, but why use that when you can use something so much cooler?
AJ is seriously unthrilled about wearing the Apron of Everything. Annie’s about to dig into a nice cheese and basil pizza.
Ann is examining her jackknife. The robots, Sappho at left and Major Tom at right, are having lunch.

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