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The messy lab and new contents

The messy lab and new contents published on No Comments on The messy lab and new contents

Shit, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. In the meantime, I’ve been quite busy.

When I last posted about my lab of dubious science, it had a vintage computing center, a listing pile of stuff, and one [1] Fiendish Device. It has since acquired a more lived-in look.

The funnest acquisition is the 150 in One Electronic Project Kit, a Tandy Corporation item from the mid-1970s that I picked up for free on a local email list. It came complete with manual and original packaging, so I could probably create the suggested circuits if I wanted to. Right now it’s just functioning as a Scientific Thing [TM] and background element with very important gauges, dials, and buttons.

I also got some Halloweenariffic body horror plants, some with googly eyes and some with teefs, sculpted by @natalunasans from heatmold plastic. I admire her mastery of this material. They’re so cute!

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