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My kitchen is yellowing. :(

My kitchen is yellowing. :( published on 1 Comment on My kitchen is yellowing. :(

My 1:6 scale kitchen now has yellow blotches on it. It used to have white countertops and lavender cupboards underneath. Now it just looks revolting. See bottom row, lefthand corner of the two inventory photos below:

 I’m very annoyed. The only kitchen-related item I have in acceptable condition is my magenta Kitchen Littles cabinet thing [second photo, second row, righthand corner]. I can’t make a decent kitchen out of that!

I’m currently contemplating cobbling together an improved kitchen. It would have a long stretch of counter and either a sink, a stove or a fridge. I’m not having any luck finding any of those items cheaply, however. >:(

EDIT: I bet I could improvise a passable stove and stretch of counter using my wooden boxes [first photo, third row]. Sticker removal, painting and detailing would be involved. Also the boxes would need to be raised to about waist height or slightly higher.

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i dunno, i think the discolored kitchen part makes it look like it’s a typical crappy apartment… and who hasn’t lived in a crappy apartment? Maybe the microwave is always the wrong temperature… or tends to just turn itself off. Mine just periodically refuses to function. the light comes on, it goes around, but the magnatron is like “NOPE.”

are the rements kitchens too small?

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