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The Rements part II

The Rements part II published on No Comments on The Rements part II

After staring at my inventory photos, I have mentally sorted my Rements into three categories. There’s stuff I’m definitely getting rid of in bulleted lists. There’s stuff I’d like to keep in lists at the end of the bulleted lists. And then there’s stuff that I could go either way on, which is not listed at all.

If you’re interested in any of the stuff shown below, let me know, whether it’s from the definite riddances list, the ambivalent non-list or even the keepers list. You’ve got to really, really tempt me, though, to give up something from the keepers list. :p

Photo 1 riddances

  • watermelon
  • all the salads
  • canned fruit
  • fruit salad in watermelon
  • veggie collection

Photo 1 keeping: grapes, bananas, cantaloupe, pineapple, fruit I made

Photo 1:

Photo 2 riddances

  • banana split and supplies
  • airline desserts [top row, square and round plates]
  • pumpkin pie and plate
  • strawberry cake and fork [to right of pumpkin pie, at bottom]
  • tarts etc. except for mixed fruit one and mixed fruit piece

Photo 2 keeping: lollipops and display, ice cream cones and sandwiches, popcorn, chips, cupcakes, gumball machine, strawberry shortcake and supplies, top strawberry cake, cookie dough and supplies, cake plate, mixed fruit whole tart and piece, "Ritz"

Photo 2:

Photo 3 riddances

  • baby food and bottle
  • juices w straws
  • green wine bottles
  • small dark glass wine bottle
  • pink teapot and teacup
  • beer steins

Photo 3 keeping: two big pink drinks, two big fast food sodas, eraser bottle of juice, dotted glass of juice, eraser milk carton, glass of milk, rum, clay teapot, big water bottle, glass of water, mugs, fire extinguisher

Photo 3:

Photo 4 riddances

  • swing top can
  • stereos
  • blue radio
  • TV
  • sewing kit
  • camera
  • pink and yellow phone bases

Photo 4 keeping: chains and padlock, bracelets, hair stuff, pens in mug, brains, tissues/TP, sewing machine, typewriter, green bucket, cleaning supplies in next slot over, computers, bathroom stuff, pink tool kit, rhinestones, cosmetics, black phone, walkie-talkie

Photo 4:

Photo 5 riddances

  • one skillet
  • waffle maker, waffles, plate
  • pancakes w cream
  • two cereal boxes
  • bread loaf
  • fluorescent green plates [+ little pink forks]
  • pastel plastic plates
  • taco holder
  • bird on platter with garnish
  • burgers/gravy/eggs
  • red soup pot and soups
  • steak airline
  • pasta airline
  • green stuff in bowl
  • rice with vegetables in it

Photo 5 keeping: raw bacon and eggs, cooked bacon and eggs, syrup, one spatula, stack of pancakes, some plates, one skillet, two-handled pot, some silverware, chopsticks in cup, nachos, tacos, all fast food, pizza I made, condiments

Photo 5:

Photo 6 riddances

  • colored glassware
  • fuzzy rugs
  • green table
  • frog
  • hedgehog
  • goldfish
  • turtle

Photo 6 keeping: shells, marbles, strawberry vanity, lava lamp, maneki neko, skulls, striped earrings, buttons, light blue parasol, roses in vase x2, sunflowers in pitcher, plants in red pot, everything in the bottom row except animals listed above

Photo 6:

Photo 7 riddances

  • all packages
  • balloons and gift box
  • birthday cake
  • balls and glove
  • toys except pull duck
  • dolls except hina matsuri and zombie
  • fuzzy angel

Photo 7 keeping: party hats, party blowers, pull duck, lunch box, vehicles, hina matsuri, zombie, half a Barbie, stand, little Jareth, mini furniture, everything in last slot of last row

Photo 7:

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