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+18 freebie digital outfits, +11 freebie digital hairstyles!

+18 freebie digital outfits, +11 freebie digital hairstyles! published on No Comments on +18 freebie digital outfits, +11 freebie digital hairstyles!

Back when I was rendering LHF digitally, I got lots of use out of Adzan’s freebie outfits for Hiro 3 and David 3, which I converted for use with multiple characters. In particular, Will [who was just a permutation of Jareth] enjoyed outfits made of Adzan elements. Speaking of Jareth, here’s an early digital version of him wearing the bottoms from Solar Solace. [Man, I’d love to find that harness again…]

And here’s Cory wearing the arm decorations and bracelets from Solar Solace, along with the cropped undershirt and the fishnet overshirt from Monoculture.

Filled with meticulously sculpted drapes, folds and flares, not to mention a humorous sense of style, these wonderful clothes remained available only for a short time. Thus, when I deleted my Daz stuff the first time, I lost all of the Adzan-made stuff, much to my distress.

I found these freebies again on just today, however! O frabjous day! Digital Jareth’s wardrobe gains a much-needed dose of flamboyant ridiculousness.

Speaking of frabjous days, I had one yesterday when I discovered Studio Maya’s freebie hairstyles had been archived by the Wayback Machine. I recently wrote about the unavailability of the late, lamented Spiral Twin Tail 1.0, which I gladly purchased in 2.0 form and stuck on Jennifer. Therefore, I rejoiced when I discovered that, while no longer on Studio Maya’s site, Spiral Twin Tail 1.0 et al. could be had from the Wayback Machine. Back again in my early Daz days, these were some of my first freebie downloads, and I enjoyed playing with them. Now, thanks to the Wayback Machine, I have downloaded my 10 favorites [along with the Spiral Twin Tail 1.0, just for nostalgia’s sake] and greatly expanded my collection of digital wigs.

In other blast-from-the-past news, I found a way to download the free bundled content that came with Daz Studio 1.0 and 2.0, including a medium-res Faerie Forest cyclorama backdrop and associated props [trees, ferns, mushrooms] and lights, a reduced resolution version of Victoria 2 with a fairy dress and — most exciting for my digital wig collection — a limited version of Updo 2.0. Yay, more clothes and hair!

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