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Digital Jareth’s silly clothes

Digital Jareth’s silly clothes published on No Comments on Digital Jareth’s silly clothes

Here, in a perfect illustration of what I mean by Adzan’s freebie outfits having a sense of humor, Jareth wears the entire Painted Osculus set for Hiro 3. I particularly like the breast window created by the combination of neck brace thing and vest, as well as the crotch ventilation zippers. Mostly I like how this outfit recalls formal wear, but then runs off into sillier directions.

Hair is Studio Maya’s freebie Simple Hair for Michael. Pose is one of M3’s default, combined with hand poses from Schlabber and cascarda’s eXpression for V3, tweaked by me. Background by me. Standard info about Jareth model, texture, makeup, glasses, et hoc genus omne, applies.

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